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W8 Hidden Secret Audio Video 32GB Spy Pen Camera Recorder

W8 Hidden Secret Audio Video 32GB Spy Pen Camera Recorder

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W8 Hidden Secret Audio Video 32GB Quick Start Spy Pen Camera Recorder Lowest Price

W8 Audio and Video Recorder for Conference & Lecture HD1080P Instruction Manual This portable pen camera is comfortable to hold and easy to use, can be used for for daily records for meetings, conference & lectures and family life. It can work continuously for 150 minutes after one full charging, it support loop recording and working when charging, and up 256GB micro SD card (class 10 recommended).

Key Features

  • Video format : AVI
  • Video coding : M-JPEG
  • Video resolution : 1920Х1080Р
  • Frame rate : 30 fps
  • Player : Player comes with the operating system or OS or mainstream audio and video playback software
  • Picture format : JPG
  • Imaging scale : 4:3
  • Support system : Windows me/2000/xp/2003/Vista; Mac OS; Linux;
  • Battery capacity : 350mAh
  • Working time : About 150 minutes
  • Charging voltage : DC-5V
  • interface type : Mini 8Pin USB
  • Storage support : TF card
  • Battery type : High capacity polymer lithium battery

W8 Hidden Secret Audio Video 32GB Digital Quick Start Spy Pen Camera Recorder Lowest Price Buy Online Store

Product features

  •   High quality image FULL HD 1080P DV DC
  •   Compact, and portable hand-held DV DC
  •   Video format: AVI
  •   Support recording while charging
  •   Support up to 256GB micro SD card ( Use would need a free software like Diskgenuis to format a 256GB card in FAT 32 to let it work in this pen, Windows or OS cant do it alone .)
  •   Built-in lithium battery supporting continuous shooting for 150 minutes



This recorder has built-in rechargeable lithium battery.please charge the battery before you use the camera for the first time:

  •   Connecting to USB DV 5V charger, or to computer via USB.
  •   The indicator light would be solid blue when charging, and turn to red and blue when charging is completed ( it usually take about 2 hours for a full charging )


1: If the battery is low, DV red and blue lights flash for 3 seconds, and the recorder goes off and is in protected mode (file saved and recorder off), files recorded have been saved; please recharge the recorder at this time.

2: If the recorder is on but there is no card, the red and blue lights give flashes for 4 seconds at the same time and the recorder automatically goes off.

USB cable:

  •  can be connected to computer for recorder recharging and data transmission.
  •  can be connected to external USB DV 5V for recording while charging.

1080P video without flashing

  • Press the top function button until the blue indicator turns on, the pen will start recording after the blue light flash 3 times. The light would be off when the recording is going on. Press the function button 1 more time, recording ends, the blue light would be back again ( stand by mode ).

Take photo

  • When the pen is in standby mode ( the indicator light is solid blue ), click the button twice, the light would falsh once, a photo of 12 million pixels (4032*3024) would be taken. and the light would return to solid bule.


If there is a crash, no key works, and the device does not work at all, press R once to reset, and the device should be able to work as usual.

Taking Vidoe when Charging

  • With memory card in the camera, and an outer power source connected ( through 5V USB slot or a power bank). the indicator would be solid blue. It is in stand by mode, and in charging. Pressing button once would make the indicator light turning off after flashing blue three times, meaning the camera are taking video while charging. And it would return to solid blue after another pressing ( back in standby mode and charging ).


  • In the mode of stop (video recording, or picture taking), if we need to turn it off, long-press ON/OFF for 6 seconds to see both red and blue lights are off, this means the device is off; Also the recorder would turn off automatically when in standby mode ( solid blue indicator light) for 30 seconds and no operation happens.

Time Adjustment setting 

  • Time watermark: Write in video time watermark, insert TF card and record video, a TXT file named "time.txt" will be created automatically under the root directory of TF card; Click to open the file, the time watermark format will appear as follows 2018/08/08 00:00:00 N (yyyy/ mm/dd hh:mm:ss) N means no time watermark, Y means showing time watermark: After setting the yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss, change N to Y.

Reference patterns:

  • 2018/08/08 00:00:00 Y (The suffix Y means the video shows time watermark)
  • 2018/08/08 00:00:00 N (The suffix N means the video shows no time watermark)

Connecting to computer

  • In the on, standby or off mode, the device can be directly connected to computer via USB cable and used as U disk, supporting file copy, paste, delete, U disk format, and recharging the device as well, but recording while charging is not supported.


  • a. After being connected to computer, if the device is not recognized or the icon of removable disk fails to pop out in 30 seconds, please reset, pull it out and reinsert.
  • b. It is suggested that you use T reader to directly read play video file. If you directly play video files saved in the built-in memory of the device via USB connection, the play can be not smooth enough due to excessively large amount of data.


  • Usage occasion : Please strictly abide by the applicable laws of the country; not use this product for any illegal purposes; otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences.
  • Operating temperature : Please use at natural temperature; do not operate the device at temperatures that human body cannot adapt to.
  • Operating humidity : Please use the product in the humidity suitable for living of human beings. Do not put the product in a damp working environment. The product is not waterproof. Please avoid exposing it to rain.
  • Requirements on cleanliness : Do not use it in an environment with excessive dust, so as to prevent the lens and other components from being contaminated with dust and affecting the effect.
  • Shooting illumination : Please use it in an environment with sufficient light source. Do not point the camera directly at a strong light source such as the sun to avoid damage to the optical device.
  • Disposal considerations : Please protect our environment; do not discard this product at will. To avoid danger, it is forbidden to throw this product into the fire.
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