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Wearable WiFi Mini Audio Video Camera

Wearable WiFi Mini Audio Video Camera

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WiFi Mini Camera

Thank you for choosing our WIF| network camera. This Quick Start Guide is designed to provide instructions on the basic operations of the device. Please read the guide carefully before using the device. We are sure you will find the camera easy to use. Let's get started!


  • Dimensions : 93*36*15mm
  • USB Interface : Micro USB
  • Support TF Card : 8GB-256G (Support up to 256GB) (FAT32 file
  • Battery Capacity system) : 3.7V/803060
  • Video Format : MP4 (Record with a TF card / Support cellphone APP recording)
  • Video Resolution : HD 1080P Clear 720P Normal 640P
  • TF card Video : Video Resolution: 1920*1080P
  • Video Code : H.264
  • Camera Head : About 120 degrees super wider angle
  • Motion Detection Distance : Straight line 6 meters
  • Work Temperature : -5 to 40 Celsius
  • Number of Frames : 30 Frames
  • Play Software : QQPlayer/Kmplayer/VLCmedia
  • Cellphone System : Android/iOS
  • Support cellphone /tablet / remote
  • Function : control monitor/ voice record/ video record/ screenshot
  • Other Features : Red infrared light, back clip, LED Net indication light
  • Weight : 60g


  • Charging : Don't leave the device on the bed, under the pillow or other locations easily accessible to children. Always keep the device in a safe place.
  • Reminder : Do not press the power button while recording to avoid losing the current recording data.
  • Interference : All devices are prone to possible interference which may affect their functions. Therefore, keep your recorder away from any source of interference when recording.
  • Backup : Always back up all your files in case of external error or manual failure to avoid losing your data. 
  • Transmission : Do not disconnect the recorder from the computer during data transmission process to avoid losing the data.

Pay Attention

  • Plug into the TF card before using the device. TF card of Class 10 or above is suggested to use with the device.


Indicating lamp:

  • Turn on : After green and blue lights keep on for 6 seconds at the same time, the green light flashes quickly and blue light stays on for 6s. After that, if plugging into a memory card, it is in recording (Green light flashes slowly and blue light is flashing). If you don't plug into the TF card, the green light flashes slowly and blue light stays solid.
  • No WIFI connection : The green light flashes
  • Connect to router WiFi : The green light keeps on
  • Standby : Blue light stays solid.
  • Video recording : Press "Video Record" key to enter into video recording, and the blue light flashes. Then press it again to save the video file (Blue light keeps on).
  • Reset : long press the reset button until green and blue lights extinguished, and let go out, the device will automatically reboot.
  • Low battery: Green light flashes quickly and blue light goes out. Turn on/off: (please insert TF card before using the device) 
  • When the camera is switched off : push the Power key to "ON", the green and blue lights keep on for 6s, then green light flashes quickly and blue light keeps solid for 6s. After that, if plugging into a memory card, it is in recording (Green light flashes slowly and blue light is flashing). If the TF card is not plugged, the green light flashes slowly and blue light keeps on.
  • When the camera is switched on :  push the Power key to "OFF". It will be turned off.
  • Software downloads : Scan this QR code to download the APP. MTCan Pro

Mobile phone client |  operations guide

Support mobile WIFI. mobile hotspot WIFI, router WIFI (Several ways of networking with remote control)

  • AP camera configuration (Short-range Viewing) : “With your device switched on (green light flashes slowly), open your WIFI settings on your cellphone, connect to the hotspot named by MTC888-XXXXX. (Some mobile phones will prompt: the curant WLAN network cannot access the Internet. Please check whether you connect to other net.) Click Cancel and connect. (UID code is WIF| name) Click "MTcam" APP icon. (Picture 2) window (Picture 3), click Confirm to enter. Click Yes/NO to modify your password (The original password is 8888) Click ignore and it pops up then click Cancel/ignore and you can turn on the camera and realize AP connection without remote control.
  • Bind your routerl cellphone WIFI hotspots (Remote Viewing) {Only remote WiFi camera has Such function) : Method 1 Click "Confirm" to enter into WiFi Configuration select mobile WiFi/cellphone hotspots WiFi/router WiFi (keep them at the distance of 5m-10m). Then enter your WiFi password, confirm and connect to your WiFi. The camera will connect to WIF| in 2-3 minutes. Camera will be online then you can do remote viewing. Settings-›@Network-->@Find your router in the list DEnter router's password…your Confirm. The camera will connect to your router/cellphone WIF| hotspot after about 30 seconds. Then the camera will switch to online from offline. Now you can do remote viewing after entering your password. | Method 2 Click to pop up a menu click Network Configuration to enter WiFi connection page. Select mobile WiFi/mobile phone hotspots WiFi/router wifi (keep the distance of Mini Camera 5m-10m), then enter your WiFi password. Confirm and connect to your WiFi after about 2-3 minutes. The camera will be online.
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